Possibility of intervention in all CEMAC countries (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad), OHADA (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville, Comoros, Côte d ‘Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Chad, Togo), the other countries of French-speaking Africa, Europe, America and Asia with a Germanic legal tradition. of the team.
Promptness in resolving problems, due to the experience of the team.
Multidisciplinary team.
Prior determination and if possible by written contract of the rights and obligations of the firm and its clients.
Honesty and thoroughness.
Reception at the office from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every working day, with the possibility of arranging special appointments as to the setting, times and dates.
Heartwarming welcome.
Possibility to work or communicate remotely by phone, e-mail etc. without absolute need for physical presence.
Written reports of hearings, stagecoaches, etc …